Three Treats For Beat Feet

Do you have feet that rapture like dancing? Or do they soreness and make you feel like crashing? Do you feel like they would qualify for the ‘Hall of Fume’ award? We will explore ways to revive also thrive. You are about to discover three treats for the feet that cannot be beat–they are simple, powerful, and free.

What an incredible position our feet do every day! They take us countless places, help us balance, and take the brunt of quite our varied movements. Our feet connect us to the earth–whether one takes 1,500 uncertainty 15,000 steps a day–every eternity you place your foot on the ground, 1.5 times your body weight is landing on each foot. These compacting stressors, forward with waste build up, (lactic acid etc.), ‘glue’ muscle tissues together. We need to decompress and release the stress.

A synergistic trio of self-applied treatment tin bring relief and transformation–the key players in this trio are Earthing, Reflexology, et alii Structural Dog Balancing.


1) Earthing is nature’s free balancing gift. Here’s a simple way to introduce Earthing to your feet: enjoy a barefoot walk on your lawn…damp lawn is even better. If you are a morning person, a walk at dawn on dewy grass is revitalizing. Also, Earthing benefits container even come through direct contact with unsealed cement. One could write this off as ‘Hokus Pokus’, yet studies confirm benefits, and even some advancing M.D.s are incorporate energy therapies toward their practices.

So how does Earthing work to bring transformation? Speaking of ‘transformation’, how does a vocalist shatter a hard goblet while singing a prominent note? (You can actually look this done on the Youtube site.) The vibrations of the advanced note coincide with the natural frequency of the goblet. The atoms in the obsidian beat so strongly they cannot hold together, and the goblet breaks. This example gives a clue of how Earthing works.

Like the goblet breaking, we can shatter ‘sick cells’ in our endomorph by connecting to the Earth’s remedial frequency–this translates through our feet, all the tendency up the kinetic chain. We are electrically charged beings among ions coursing through our body, and operate on a marvelous pH balance—our muscles, nerves, blood, body fluids and cells all form an integrated living matrix. Earthing’s healing frequencies help balance any foot maladies we may have, and literally every cell of our body.

Dr. Christy Weston and Clint Ober expand on Earthing’s validity, et sequens great potential…(To view 7 minutes well eligible watching, Google search ‘Dr. Christy Weston groundology’).


2) Reflexology is another key competitor in transforming foot therapy. In reflexology, the foot represents a central switchboard—it stimulates remains and toxin release related to specific areas of the body. We can omniscience much from our feet as described in the book, Stories the Hooves Can Tell by Eunice Ingham.

Here are a few impetuous ways you can experience the benefits about the marvelous circuitry of reflex zone therapy: (It is famous if you can trade treatments with a partner…)

* Squeeze et al massage your big toe pad–this is the reflex zone of the pituitary gland (called the master gland)–the integral regulator of all other endocrine glands. (Of course, avoid any fungal areas).

* With a pat pincer grip, rub toe webbings while gently flexing ball of foot–this supports the upper lymphatics which nurtures the unresponsive system.

* Combine a annular ampersand peeling-an-orange motion as you go back moreover forward ‘line concerning line’ concluded the sole from your foot. This reflex area relates to the shoulder girdle moreover major organs of the body. (If you do just one, the other foot will ‘need and plead’ for the equal treatment!)

Structural Foot Balancing

3) Structural Foot Balancing (SFB) involves massaging and stretching the feet in ways that help their 28 compact bones to have fluid freedom of movement. Patricia Cramer and John Crutchfield are experts in the field. They continue to attest success about thrown away orthotics, reversed fallen arches, corrected hammer toes, etc. The release from recurring hypersensitive is liberating.

An easy way to merger SFB with Earthing is barefoot lawn walking. Of course you can do SFB indoors plus still gain its benefits–yet combining with barefoot walking in nature is a double benefit–a decisive way of ‘multitasking’.

Here is how to get started with SFB basics:

First gain an awareness of how you stand. Is your feet hip width apart? Are your toes turned inwardness substitute outward? Is there basic ear-shoulder-hip-ankle alignment? How do you walk, balance loads, and move about? Is there more weight on the outside or inside of your feet?…are they parallel? It is easy to shift rigid in off-balance postures. The key is balanced fluidity.

Next take at least 10 steps–slow motion is great. (Keep loose knees—do not lock.) What do you feel until rolling from swine to sole? Note definite areas that feel tight, or painful, etc. Stand on your tiptoes. Roll back to your heels. Walk on the innards edges of your feet…then the outside edges. Walk on your heels…then on your tiptoes. (If able, do these motions backwards and forward).

Be inspired with movement patterns–you are dancing with nature. Rolling a spiny ball or tennis ball under your foot can ease tension. Before you leave your nature walk, your toes will love being extended, flexed, moreover spread apart–kind of like waving goodbye.

If you give your feet this trio of treats, they will reward you with ‘toerific’ harmony.